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BioInnovation Centre

The next step for the BioCampus is the BioInnovation Centre (BIC). This will be completed before the new Royal has been built and is independent of the hospital redevelopment. MerseyBIO has been operating at capacity for some years and the BIC will complement this by providing laboratory space, business support and commercialisation, and networking facilities, for both new and growing life science businesses emerging from the research base.

Through MerseyBIO, Liverpool has an excellent track record of identifying new commercial opportunities from the research base, supporting their development and housing early-stage life science businesses. The BIC will provide space to support latent demand from new early-stage businesses, businesses wishing to co-locate operations in close proximity to key expert clinical and research groups in Liverpool, and growing businesses.

The BIC is the first step in expanding the scale of the existing model for development of commercial opportunities from the research and clinical base, and is the first phase in developing Liverpool’s BioCampus. It will comprise:

  • Laboratory facilities for new and growing SMEs
  • Business Support & Commercialisation Centre
  • Meeting and networking facilities

The facilities and expertise available within the Business Support & Commercialisation Centre will be crucial in achieving the conversion of intellectual property derived from the research and clinical base into business opportunities not only for the SMEs in the BIC but also for the wider life sciences community. As with all such environments, stimulating flow and exchange of ideas is critical and the meeting space will enable both formal and informal networking across health, academia and industry.

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